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Ricciarelli S.p.A is a leading solutions, systems and machines provider in the food and beverage packaging industry. Founded in 1843, Ricciarelli has over a century of experience in creating specialized machines and technologies to aid in the various steps of the packaging and bottling process.

Ricciarelli is a trusted partner around the world and an expert developer of complete systems and machines for the weighing, packaging, and packing of food products. IBC relies on Ricciarelli’s technologies and know-how in the delivery of its services and line installations. IBC and Ricciarelli have also signed an agreement to grow their collaboration and expand business relations in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan.

Ricciarelli is a global leader in supplying and installing weighing and packaging machinery, cartooning machines, case packers, wrapping machines, feeding systems and other essential systems for the manufacturing and packaging of foods and beverages.