Glass maximizes freshness, taste, and versatility and offers unrivaled transparency and purity. It allows for a wide range of packaging options that enhance the image of any beverage, from soda to juice, milk, ready-to-drink coffees, beer, wine, and bottled water.

Glass is nonporous and impermeable, which means there are no interactions between the glass packaging and the product, and therefore no impact on the flavor of the beverage. Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, which ensures that the product inside the glass bottle maintains its strength, aroma, and flavor.

Glass bottles make significantly better containers for carbonated beverages since air can diffuse through plastic, allowing the CO2 to escape. Therefore, carbonated beverages stored in plastic containers have a much shorter shelf life than their glass counterparts.

Globally, many companies still choose glass bottles as the only packaging medium for their products. To support this approach, IBC Group has ensured that its technological capabilities are geared to accommodate such requirements to provide efficient end-to-end line solutions irrespective of the size, shape, or color of the glass container.