Food safety and security are two complementing elements of our sustainable future as well as preserving the right that everyone deserves access to safe food.

According to the WHO, each year sees 600 million people fall ill through eating contaminated foodstuff. Safe food is vital concern and is the focus of more than 40% of our partners R&D projects.

As the world is heating up, causing bad harvesting seasons, shortage of crops, and instability in the grain and food supply chains, we find ourselves faced with an increased risk of food supply shortage, therefore IBC group dedicate its people and partners technologies and knowhow to point and invest in projects to enhance food security and safety to the local communities and people around the global.

By identifying critical areas and addressing ongoing challenges and finding solutions to implement to solve the problems and offer our clients solutions for maximum food safety and security.

To support this approach, IBC Group has ensured that its partners technological capabilities are geared to accommodate such requirements to provide safe and secure food for the global.