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Xcel Technical Solutions Ltd is the Lagos-based affiliate of IBC Group, offering a full spectrum of services across the African market. Established in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, Xcel Technical Solutions ltd provides consultancy and intervention services for the food and beverage industry. From installation, to commissioning, overhauls, maintenance and project management, the company is renowned for its commitment to the highest quality standards.

Although a young affiliate, the company has quickly gained a reputation for its high levels of customer satisfaction, excellent quality standards, integrity of business, and employee satisfaction. Its team has a pan African reach and extensive experience working on beverage lines across the African continent.

All of the company’s engineers are equipped with a comprehensive and varied set of skills and are certified as Level 2/Level 3 engineers by OEMs. Thanks to the dedication and experience of these highly trained technicians and engineers, Xcel Technical Services Ltd has reported an average customer satisfaction level of 95% for its projects so far. This commitment to providing an optimal customer experience has given the company an advantage in a growing and competitive market.

Xcel Technical Solutions ltd is focused on offering its customers the latest advancements in beverage and food manufacturing and packaging technologies. As economies across the African continent grow and industries develop, it is proud to be one of the leading companies driving the industry forward.