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International Beverages Consultancy (IBC Group) was established in Amman, Jordan to act as a regional support office for IBC’s operations. IBC Group has a team made-up of hundreds of employees that form a multinational workforce working across three continents. It enjoys a global network of affiliates and partners and conducts projects all over the world.

To facilitate the optimal provision of services and the successful turnover of projects, IBC Group needed a central support unit to help its various teams conduct their work as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

The IBC Group team consists of expert technicians, engineers, and consultants who are available to provide support in the fields of project management, operations, logistics, finance, and administrative operations. Team members receive continuous high-level training throughout their career at IBC so they can offer optimal support to IBC’s affiliated entities across the world regardless of the type of project or intervention needed.

IBC Group plays a fundamental role in ensuring the success of all the group projects across the world, and in guaranteeing that every service and solution provided to customers is the best one possible.