PET is one of the most versatile materials of our modern age. Yet, the popularity of plastic remains a problem. Discarded plastic is finding its way into landfills and is not biodegradable. By recycling plastic, the amount produced and wasted can be limited. PET recycling conserves the natural resources and energy that would be required to produce plastic from scratch. When PET is recycled, less plastic is sent to landfills and thus, less of this material takes up room in our environment, sometimes for hundreds of years. In fact, recycling one ton of PET can save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. PET is becoming increasingly easy to recycle.

With the development of PET recycling, IBC Group has recognized the environmental benefits of this technology and has supported it from its inception. Taking used PET bottles that would have been sent to landfills, IBC Group supports processes to convert used PET into re-usable pellets, in line with IBC’s environmental policy. Together with OEMs, IBC Group has invested heavily in this technology and has built a technologically advanced resource base to participate in all stages of the PET recycling process.