PET is globally recognized as a safe and recyclable packaging material. It has become popular with both manufacturers and customers thanks to its lightweight nature and relatively low production and transportation costs. However, the biggest advantage PET containers have is their superior resistance to breakage, in both the production and transportation lifecycles.

Compounds such as polyethylene terephthalate have given PET several advantages, including toughness, energy savings, and ease of production. PET containers are economic to manufacture, safe to use, and easily recyclable. Compared to other packaging materials, PET offers many advantages. It shows a very high gas – barrier resistance and minimizes the loss of CO2 and penetration of O2.

IBC Group continues to grow with the ever-expanding market of filling products into PET containers, which goes beyond the beverage industry. Through its technical expertise and years of experience, IBC Group ensures that your products are packaged into PET containers in a cost-effective way that guarantees the highest quality standards as always.