Since our inception in 2006, we have been able to build up wide knowledge and varied experience in all fields related to the beverage filling industry. Our technical team undergoes rigorous technical training programs in installation, commissioning, electrical and mechanical specifications. They also undergo communication, management and leadership training programs to ensure all-round professional development.  The development program for the technical team is manned by a professional team with over fifty years of combined experience in the beverage filling line industry.


The team ensures that the training needs of all our technical team members are met by understanding the team’s areas of interest, market analysis of the skills in demand and professional requirements of the organization. The technical employee’s career development and training is a continuous ongoing activity and projects are planned for the employee in a manner that ensures continued focus on improvement of skills. In addition to OEM specific training modules, the employee is also sent on site, often at the cost of the organization, to be mentored by professionals in order to improve his practical knowledge and working experience of the theoretical trainings he has undertaken. Another area of focus at our organization is the availability of multiple skills in our team. Our training needs plan includes cross skilling engineers in multiple related technologies and machines so that the customers are able to solve many issues without the need to request for multiple personnel. In this manner, we are able to ensure that our engineers are able to contribute in a holistic manner while understanding the intricacies of not only the machine in question but also it’s upstream and downstream impacts.

With over 400 projects completed, our teams have several years and projects experience and are able to utilize the knowledge gained to ensure optimal project execution within budgeted timelines and costs. Our commissioning and field service team come equipped with an average of seven years of relevant experience in the industry and have experienced commissioning for acceptance tests, trouble shooting, overhauling, repair and conducting machine audits and suggesting preventative maintenance strategies, not only for specific machines but for the complete line.

The technical team is also backed by a remote support team which includes an operations team, logistics and procurement team, Technical Manager and Manager – Employee Development. The support teams ensure that our engineers are equipped with the right tools and safety equipment, are available at the right place at the right time and are able to seek technical guidance in a proactive manner so as to ensure the right solution is executed in a timely manner for any challenges the customer faces.

Having been exposed to a rigorous training regimen on multiple lines and machines and having had the wide experience of installing, commissioning and providing various services across carbonated soft drink lines, dairy products, juices, breweries and water filling lines etc., the team is well versed with the line specifics and experienced to foresee potential issues in the line or the machines.


Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations coupled with our experience and know how resulted in projects run by the IBC team typically taking less budgeted man hours as compared to other organizations while at the same time maintaining rigorous quality and safety standards.

As a testimony to the team’s unwavering commitment to produce their best for the customers, our technicians are often requested for specifically by customers for any issues they face. Our engineers are also requested to stay onsite at production facilities as embedded engineers and manage production, operations and troubleshooting requirements.  OEMs too occasionally utilize our technicians and engineers to perform supervisory and site management duties on their behalf. Quite a few of our engineers are utilized on an annual contract by the OEMs in order to avail of our technical expertise and customer relation skills for their clients within the region.

IBC has adopted a policy of continuous development of its employees by the OEM’s. This has resulted in one of the most highly educated Technical teams in the FMCG industry. We have a stringent Recruitment Policy selecting candidates who have extensive experience within the Brewing and Beverage Industry. These employees undergo an internal assessment to find their strengths and a development plan is then tailor made for everyone to upskill them to the highest level at the OEM training Academy. Once the initial training is completed the employee is paired together with a more experienced colleague to gain hands on experience in the field. The employee’s progress is continually assessed by a dedicated Technical Development Manager and the employee’s weaker areas are addressed with further training and practical interventions.

The technical training of our technicians is a continuous process and once the technician has reached the highest level possible in his field he attends update training which ensures he is kept abreast of all the latest technical advancements from the OEM and within the industry itself. The return on investment for IBC is the reassurance that the customer is getting the highest quality technical support money can buy.

The consistent focus on technical development has resulted in recognition from our OEM partners who utilize our technicians both as site managers for projects as well as trainers for both electrical and mechanical training programs.

We are in the process of developing a world class training facility that leverages our technical competence. The training facility aims to provide technical, project and site management training programs as well as OEM specific machinery and line related updates not only to IBC employees but also to partners, customers and clients.