Overhauls and Retrofits

Be it overhauling specific machines or parts of the complete line or retrofitting the line with a newer machine, our commissioning engineers offer the following support to customers.

Machine Audits and Overhauls

In order to achieve longevity of a machine it is prudent for the customer to conduct Bi-Annual and Annual Machine Audits. Our technical team advocates this policy of Auditing the Complete Line or Individual Machines. We have a dedicated OEM trained Technical Team who travels to site to conduct these machine audits. The audits are conducted in two parts, namely a Running Audit and a Static Audit. Once the Audit team has concluded the Audits a detailed report is submitted to the Customer outlining the areas on the machine which require attention as well as supplying a comprehensive Spare parts list required to restore the machine back to efficient working order preventing unnecessary production losses due to Breakdowns.  


As technology advances, the OEM’s have developed a cost effective way of integrating the latest technology into existing machines. This comes in the form of Machine Retrofits and is another area which IBC is proud to have the advantage over competitors. By working together with the OEM’s, our team has kept abreast of the technological advancements with regards to retrofit technology. Our field service engineers not only conduct the retrofitting to existing machines but are very active in advising customers of available retrofits to their machines and saving them a substantial amount of money and improving their overall line efficiency.