Project Management & Consultancy


Our project management and consultancy services range across advisory support, execution, engineering, equipment and turnkey services. Our services benefit customers across all stages, from pre project planning to after sales and services.


Our technical team comprises of skilled project management staff who help designing project specs for a new line installation including design and layout services, technical capabilities and manpower required, man hour and cost budgeting for the project etc. The service extends to providing complete end to end support for turnkey projects including evaluation and advice on OEM capabilities with regard to customer requirements and logistical services. In addition, our expertise in the beverage filling and production processes helps us consult with our clients on process automations, process and input/output optimizations, capacity planning, modernization and retrofitting advice and execution services. OEM machinery analysis and advice including logistical support and cost analysis and control.

From a turnkey solution point of view, IBC operates on a build, operate and transfer model. Our services start right from pre-project planning, analyzing and implementing statutory and legal compliances, executing the project, training personnel, controlling and optimizing production schedules, conducting post production audits, overhauls and transferring a completely functional line along with the requisite expertise to continue production runs in an optimal manner.  Our services extend to post production handover, with the ability to monitor machine audits, trouble shooting, over hauling and retrofitting as per the customer requirements.