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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Inside/outside Jordan
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Job Description:

1) Project Management:
a) Assist Technical Manager in reviewing, auditing and finalizing Tenders and Jobs contracts and documents.
b) Receive, review and audit weekly Technical Reports and take action accordingly.
Prepare Technical Reports while onsite to provide management with a clear view on progress and SOPs adequacy.
c) Ensure the Technical Team (Installation and Commissioning) adheres to customers and IBC standard operating procedures while executing installation, commissioning projects and related activities.
d) Monitor progress and quality of work on site and coordinate with Site and Technical
Managers in developing work plans for Installations and Commissioning Teams.
e) Address technical issues onsite promptly upon being highlighted either internally or by Customer team.
f) Visit project sites regularly to inspect and evaluate usage and adequacy of standard operating procedures. Audit, provide feedback and report on SOPs being
maintained to ensure the installation and commissioning projects are in compliance with customers and IBC standards.
g) Investigate accidents and complaints to determine breach of operating procedures if any and ensure no repeats of issues identified.
h) Ensure that all projects, jobs and tenders are up-to-date from progress reports and budgets. Communicate and discuss progress with site managers, Technical Managers and Operations Department.
i) Support Technical Manager in planning and resource management for new projects through the following:
• Identify project plan with clear definition of the different phases of work and activity scheduling.
• Identify the types of resources and expertise that are needed.
• Understand the availability and optimum utilization of Technical Team members.
• Distinguish the potential for developing Engineers/Technicians for new uses.
• Identify the time required to ensure that Engineers/Technicians are available when needed.
• Reorganize resources if work need to be accelerated, or if job is completed.

2) Client Retention:
a) Liaise with technical staff and internal colleagues to meet the customer needs.
b) Support Technical Manager in arranging and participating in internal and external client debriefs.
3) Adherence to budget:
a) Ensure all activities regarding training, employee assessment & development and business development are achieved within the budget set for the activity.
4) Employee Development:
a) Develop testing and technical evaluation procedures
b) Support HR with recruitment and conducting orientation sessions

1) Mechanical/Electrical Engineer background.
2) At least 7 plus years in beverage industry.
3) Need to have experience in beverage line installation.
4) Work experience with Krones, KHS, SILDEL machines preferred.
5) Jordanian candidate.
6) Currently be in an asst manager/supervisor or a manager position.
7) Very good in English.
8) Willing to travel within Jordan and Internationally for projects, at times for longer durations.
9) Reporting and email writing skills.


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